About Us


We are a black-owned nail salon in the Dorchester area of Boston, Massachusetts. We specialize in nail care, nail art and new nail trends.  Pink and Pretty Nail Salon was opened on February 8th, 2020 by mother and daughter duo, Dana Bonner and Florence Taylor.

Dana and her mother Florence have dreamed of opening their own nail salon since Dana was 14 years old.  Florence kept her daughter motivated to make a living out of her passion for doing nails. At 21 years old, Dana and her mother took a chance and opened their first nail salon, Pink & Pretty!

Pink & Pretty Nail Salon specializes in acrylics, unique nail art designs, gel-x, manicures, pedicures and more. We offer a relaxing, chill zone for customers to feel comfortable while being serviced and hope that all of our clients leave satisfied and eager to come back!

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Meet Our Team


Hello Doll! My name is Dana, I specialize in eyebrows, and mostly everything in nails! I love doing different nail art and a nice, clean full set!



  "Hey I'm Kendra. I'm 19 and have been doing nails professionally since 2019. I specialize in freestyle nail art styles and promote nail growth and nail health before all else because there would be no artist without a canvas. My only goal is that you leave my chair 100% satisfied with what we've created and with designs unique to your character and image"



Hello! My name is Jaz. I've been doing nails since September 2020. I really enjoy doing art ranging from abstract to cartoon. I have real passion for nails and want to make sure my clients walk away happy"



Hello Dear! My Name is Flo, I am the co-owner of Pink & Pretty. I am always here to make sure you have a great experience. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a deposit required to book an appointment?

Yes. All services require a $20 non-refundable deposit, which will be applied towards your total cost of service.

Will I lose my deposit if I can't make my appointment?

Any no call or no shows will require forfeting your deposit.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Please give us a 24 - 48 hour advance notice if you're unable to keep your scheduled appointment time by calling the salon at 617-822-3558 or texting 407-760-5323.

What if I am running late for my appointment?

If you are running more than 15 mintues late for your appointment, you will have to reschedule. Unfortunately, we will have to cancel your appointment which will require forfeiting your deposit.

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At Pink & Pretty Nail Salon we offer acrylics, gel-x, gel manicures, hard gel, poly gel, dip powder, and pedicures. We carry a wide variety of products, ranging from OPI and DND gel, to CND and Young Nails acrylic powders.

Our Main Product Line includes: Gelish, DND, OPI, CND, Young Nails, ENailCouture and Essie.

If you have a question regarding a particular product, please contact us.