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"First let me hang
the PRETTY up"

-Pink Babe


We are a black-owned nail salon in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts right off the Savin Hill Red Line stop next to Mckennas. We specialize in nail care, pedicures, nail art, and nail therapy.

Dana Bonner the salon owner has been a nail tech for 10 years. After doing nails for so long she realizes that nails are more than just a job. She realizes that being a nail tech for people is to give them an hour or two hours to vent, share their creative side on their nails, or maybe sit in silence.

Now that Pink and Pretty is a salon with great artists; she pushes for more artists to join her team so that she can share the experience she has with clients to other artists and for them to grow a great career as a nail artist, nail therapists, and a true Pink Babe!!!

We have a strong team of talented nail artists who are waiting to meet you!! Below is a short sentence about each of our artists here at the Pink. Also, we are always happy to see you and the beautiful smiles that walk through our door. 

  • Sofia: Simple Artist, loves to give you a clean, sharp, or soft nail look! Also specializes in great french and abstract art.

  • MariDetailed artist, she is always ready for a challenge. Long nails, short, or medium nails she will paint a bird on your nails if you asked.

  • Arely: Simple, Glam, and clean; your girl will she able to give anything that you show with a twist of her sugar on it!

  • Dana: Detailed, Abstract, freestyle artist. Honestly, she will give you anything that fits you and makes you happy. Loves to make sure every set is clean!!!



Love the Pink and Pretty Team! 

p.s. see you soon 


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